Blair Witch 2016 Review

Few movies have changed the film landscape like 1999’s The Blair Witch Project.  When partners Eduardo Sanchez and Daniel Myrick were merely doing what they loved…making movies, they had no idea the massive success it was going to be. Maxing out their credit cards and choosing to scare us with atmosphere and sound, realizing that the money wasn’t there for big special effects and makeup, they truly were reinventing the genre.

Fast forward 17 years to 2016. On the rise director Adam Wingard (The Guest, You’re Next) and screenwriting partner Simon Barrett were given the reigns by Lionsgate to create a sequel to the groundbreaking original. They were given everything  they needed to make a successful movie. Sanchez and Myrick had only 10-15 thousand dollars to make their movie, Wingard and Barrett had 5 million. So my question is…why did we get the same movie? Where did the money go?

Now, don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed Blair Witch as a “remake” of the 1999 classic. It was a creepy, sometimes funny in the woods tale that I had some fun with, but isn’t a sequel supposed to up the ante? Isn’t a sequel supposed to give us at least a couple of answers to questions we had from its’ predecessor? Shouldn’t we get to see the actual Blair Witch? You would think so….but no. Although a fun movie, I cannot help but think that this looks similar to the movie that Sanchez and Myrick would have made in 1999, had they been given a proper budget. So, why did we need this remake…I mean, sequel?

More characters are added (6 as opposed to the original’s 3) to up the body count, more up to date recording devices are used (earpieces, drones, etc), yet the story is the exact same.

Also, it doesn’t bother me, but if you have motion sickness, you will not make it through this movie without some issues. The poor lady next to me had to leave and throw up.

Overall, I enjoyed the movie for what I see it as…an update. However I can’t help but feel very disappointed in the lack of risks they took and the safe bubble they seem to have made this movie in. Now, back to that question….where did 5 million dollars go?